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Boiler Servicing in Cardiff

As one of the leading providers of heating and plumbing services in the region, Hollis Plumbing and Gas Ltd provide professional boiler servicing in Cardiff and the surrounding areas for all makes and models of boiler.

It’s important to keep your boiler functioning safely and efficiently at all times, and to that end you can rely on our fully qualified, highly trained engineers.

Why is regular servicing important?

Boiler servicing in Cardiff is vital to ensure the safety and efficiency of your heating system, yet despite this not all homeowners employ a qualified gas engineer to conduct regular, routine maintenance on their boilers. A boiler breakdown during those cold winter months can prove disastrous, leaving you and your family without heating and hot water at a difficult time. A regular boiler service helps by:

Identify & fix problems

A seemingly insignificant boiler fault can mean that you go without hot water or heating, which is especially difficult during those cold winter months. Carrying out an annual service increases the chance that these faults are picked up before becoming a major issue, which saves you hassle.

Lower Heating Bills

You will save money on your energy bills, as our engineers always look for ways to improve boiler efficiency. You can avoid expensive emergency charges by identifying issues ahead of time.

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Safety checks (including Carbon Monoxide)

It’s vital to arrange a boiler service on a regular basis as those boilers which have not been correctly maintained, installed or ventilated are prone to producing deadly carbon monoxide emissions.

Maintain Manufacturer Warranty

Most warranties require a regular boiler service. The major manufacturers also recommend that your boiler is serviced on a regular basis (annually) too. Our highly trained team is capable of servicing all makes and models including Baxi, Worcester-Bosch, Vaillant and many more.


  • A dust sheet is used to prepare the area, meaning we leave your home how we found it
  • We remove both the outer and inner combustion cover
  • We clean the boilers burner, heat exchanger and fan ensuring that they are free of dust and debris
  • We reassemble the boiler
  • We check to see if the burner’s heat output is OK by taking the boiler’s burner pressure
  • In all modes, we test the operation of your boiler
    We use a flue gas analyser to measure the efficiency of your boiler as well as to monitor carbon monoxide levels

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